Striking Out is a prequel story to The Weapon Takers Saga

Toric's Dagger

Book 1

'great world building, intriguing characters and a captivating plot...I can’t wait to see what else the author has in store for us in the next story.'

Bolivar's Sword

Book 2

'Wow, a fantastic read with an action packed, magical adventure and a fascinating, well written cast of characters.'

The Jalakh Bow

Book 3

'OMG! I was on the edge of my chair. It was very hard to put down and now I'm waiting for the next one to be released.'

About the author

Jamie Edmundson

Jamie has always loved a good story, whether real or imagined. He grew up in the south of England before moving to the north, where he worked as a history teacher. He still lives there with his wonderful family, but now spends his time writing, mainly about people hitting each other with swords.